mixed ssd and tradition hdd windows installation


Dumb things like Samsung ultrabook 530u with a mixed hdd contain both tradition hdd and ssd hdd, you cannot install windows by a normal way.

  1. Insert installation media (usb/dvd)
  2. Select Custom install to view partitions.
  3. Advanced > delete all partitions
  4. Press Shift+F10 to launch cmd > diskpart
  5. list disk, list part, usually tradition hdd will be disk 0 and ssd will be disk 1
  6. select tradition hdd
    sel disk 0
  7. delete all partitions on it
  8. create 350MB partition
    create part primary size=350
  9. format
    format fs=ntfs quick
  10. assign letter
    assign letter=f
  11. Create partition fills rest of the disk
    create part primary
  12. format
    format fs=ntfs quick
  13. Assign letter c
    assign letter=c
  14. exit both diskpart and cmd, reboot to windows setup, delete the ssd partition that windows auto create and install windows to the large partition just create at step 11.

  15. boot with installation media again, delete the ssd partition again and use Shift+F10
    list vol
    sel vol f
    bcdboot c:\windows /s f:
  16. reboot and done