zabbix web monitoring with alert trigger


1. add host

configuration > hosts > create host > host name (for example : test.local)

new groups : webserver

agent interfaces ip address : <– just add ip, doesn’t need agent


2. add web scenarios

configuration > hosts > click web at your created host > create web scenario

scenario name : availability of test.local new application : web_checks Agent : select browser you wanted to check with

Steps add name : index URL : https://test.local/ required status codes : 200 update

3. add trigger

configuration > hosts > triggers > create trigger name :
Web scenario “Availability of test.local” failed: {ITEM.VALUE}

severity : high

expression : {test.local:web.test.error[Availability of test.local].strlen()}>0 and {[Availability of test.local].min(1)}>0


replace test.local to your host name above